Saturday, January 12

Slenderman or how to start your saturday RIGHT

Was bumming around on the internet looking for something to do.
When I remembered about the Slenderman game, ninjerksu was talking about.
So I decided to try it out.
The graphics were a bit simple which was surprising, not like I was expecting anything
in particular. It got me intrigued.
The problem was though, that playing in daylight made the game kinda hard to see.
So you really needed to get in there.

And then...


ESCape that a couple more times. Just to be sure.

And then I may or may not have exited the scene like this. There are no witnesses so don't try to find out, and yes, my ass is almost as nice as the one pictured below.

That is how pros play scary games. HECK YES. And i'm OUT. And yeah if anyone wants to check out that game you should. It's "fun" in a scary way. 


Amber said...

First time I played Slenderman was in the pitch dark, sound up. I screamed.

Michael said...

HAHA! I know that feel. Let the nightmares begin. So sorry.

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

O god. I need to do this....